OB Podcast #018: Let it listen to this podcast

March 11, 2011

Hey there everyone,

It's already time for Episode 18 of the OtakuBoards Podcast! Our little baby is getting old. ;_;

Anyway, as of last podcast, we'll be going back to the initial format of 30-35 minutes as much as possible. That way we can hopefully entertain you for long enough while not being too bothersome! :^D So, this episode is a short and snappy 32 minutes all in all, but that doesn't mean it's any less funny or entertaining (it's probably more funny and offending now than ever, even though there's this-> [ ] bit of cursing in it).

And keep a look out for next week's podcast which will include an amazing new book review segment by Lyndy and a completely new format to Kei's news segment!

Alright enjoy y'all! :(



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