April 12, 2011





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OB Podcast #019: The Gavin Identity

April 7, 2011

Hey there everyone,

Ladies and gentlemen (but ladies in particular), be prepared to be swept off your feet as the other Gavin steps out of the shades and into the OB Podcast, booming his sexily manly Irish voice through your speakers. Yes indeed, after weeks of pressuring him, he has decided to record part of a podcast with us!

And as if that wasn't enough, Shinmaru reviews another fantastic anime to further overwhelm your senses. Plus, this time we have an entirely new segment by Lyndy Poo Lou, a book review! It's cool, it's hip and the books she reviews are neat!

The podcast puts some emphasis on our amazing Manga Alley, which in the next weeks will have some awesome things going on, going arm in arm with some of the other boards over at the OB. Check the board out if you're any bit interested in manga's (reading or making them yourself), and be sure to check it out a few times over the next weeks.

Also keep a look out for the fantastic Nifty Fifty Podcast coming up in the next few days! ^_~ [/jasonstyle]

Your friendly neighbourhood podcasters,

Korey & Boo


OB Podcast #018: Let it listen to this podcast

March 11, 2011

Hey there everyone,

It's already time for Episode 18 of the OtakuBoards Podcast! Our little baby is getting old. ;_;

Anyway, as of last podcast, we'll be going back to the initial format of 30-35 minutes as much as possible. That way we can hopefully entertain you for long enough while not being too bothersome! :^D So, this episode is a short and snappy 32 minutes all in all, but that doesn't mean it's any less funny or entertaining (it's probably more funny and offending now than ever, even though there's this-> [ ] bit of cursing in it).

And keep a look out for next week's podcast which will include an amazing new book review segment by Lyndy and a completely new format to Kei's news segment!

Alright enjoy y'all! :(



OB Podcast #017: De Fantastische Podcast met Boo en Korey!

March 3, 2011

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

It's time for episode 17 of the OB Podcast. This week it's just Boo and Korey, which only means it's even more and faster funz! Yay! The subjects are all over the place, the topics move like lightning and it has some schweet surprises and things!

Yay! Enjoy!

Also, subscribe to us in iTunes! You can just use the search function in the iTunes store to search "otakuboards" and our podcast'll be on the list! That way you automatically download the new episodes and you'll have them on your pc when others notice that after a few weeks they're not online anymore. Yayz!

Boo & Korey



March 3, 2011



Verse 1


Got profile views and lots of friends friends friends

He got a futer in his pants pants pants pants

His typoes are out of hand, hand, hand, hand

Ye, ye

I'm in the padded room party

Making party party party

Chorus 1


I type my typoes by the candlelight

Typing Futer

In computer!

There's something funny bout the things

I write Writing Futer


‘Cause I'mma rock the chat

Nowhere else to go

Til 5 with Ceiling Cat

Beth and Desbreko!

Browse OtakuBoards,

Listen to the show

Teasin' Allamorph

James and Desbreko

Verse 2

Everyone's been on the show show show show

But Lyndy Lou she still says no no no no

If Molly can, Why can't I go go go go?

Wanna make some Felix JOKES JOKES JOKES JOKES

Ye, ye

Who made this song, this song, this song?

It takes too long, too long, too long!


Chorus 2

Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nomally

Dropping Fbombs

In this cool song!

There's asterisks as far as my eyes see

Oh Canada Yada yada!

‘Cause I'mma rock the chat

Nowhere else to go

Til 5 with Ceiling Cat

Beth and Desbreko!

Browse OtakuBoards,

Listen to the show

Watching Korey ride

In a rodeo


I'm gonna make a lazy, I won't do my Hans von Hozel,

I'll be telling you maaaaybeee But still wont do my Hans van Hozel

But I a beard, Don't shave it

But I a beard

Making lazy is good, Making lazy is good

I heard you really like mudkipz

Herd you like mudkipz

Trololololo mudkipz!

Chorus 3

You can eat my lovely Christmas Cake

Saying On Nom! Om nom nom nom!

And Sangome'll sing a song for Ace

Her bad romance,

Is not for CaNz

‘Cause we gon' rock this song

We gon' crack this joke

We gon' overuse it

Cause we can, yo yo!

I have said it once

Now I'll tell it thrice

Futer futer futer

CaNz's paradise

Hidden Audio

I'm seeing Ace sit in the chat all night

Writing Gommeeee!

Won't you love meh?!

But then a Taco-Chan steals her spotlight

Mexican boss

With his hot sauce

With his hot sauce

With his hot sauce


OB Podcast #015: Dishin’ Out Them Tips

February 18, 2011

Round 15 is up and it's glorious. It includes the best Anime review ever, a grand intro, some great stories, an amazing newscast and soooooo muuuuch moooooore!



OB Podcast #013: The Adam Within

February 3, 2011

Hey everyone,

The thirteenth podcast is out now and it's the bestest so far! This week we have a whole cast of Boo, Korey, moletta, Morbo86 and Dragon Warrior! :O

It's beautiful and lovely and full of good vibes! Of course an excellent review of an anime by Shinmaru and a News thing by Kei, aaaaand it features the return of chibi-master! ^_^ Listen!


Boo & Korey (& the others!)

OB Podcast #012: Now Poop on Them, Oliver!

February 1, 2011


Here's the amazing episode #12! With lot's of stuff, including cosplay, gingers, Aussies, Canadians, stuff, sushi and pizza!

More music by Banditlight (Dragon Warrior), more anime reviews, more news items and more Hans von Hozel (this time live, by someone else!)


Boo & Korey

OB Podcast #011: The Real Stuff Sucks

January 23, 2011

Hey there ladies and gentlemen,

With a few days' delay, it's now time for episode 11 of the OtakuBoards Podcast! This week's special guests: Desbreko and Shinmaru!!! Yay!!! And the podcast's accompanied by the lovely music of Banditlight (aka Dragon Warrior), as found here: LINK TO BANDITLIGHT.

Also, we have a news segment, and that's the only segment! Yay! And Korey was missing, so bear with me.



OB Podcast #010: Who the MOO Is That?!

January 14, 2011

|Hey guys and girls!

It's time for a new OtakuBoards Podcast episode! Yay! And it's our tenth anniversary! To celebrate this joyous occasion we invited Anomaly and White to represent their hood, yo! (Canada)

There was a lot of cursing/Anomaly involved, but a lot of it got censored by our Super Deluxe Exclusive OB Podcast auto censoring device.

We discuss Bucket Lists and Canada and Girls' Generation and Korean Idols and a lot more awesome stuff! It of course features the news segment by Kei, the anime review by Shinmaru and a fanfic by The Professor. (Chibi has something deathly in her throat which kind of sabotaged her weekly bit)

And we'll witness an even further excelling of Korey's rebellious feelings towards authority James.


Also, we figured OtakuBoards needs an anthem, so here's the text and the tune it goes to: (It'd be like ****ing awesome if somebody sang that for the next episode 8D)


Our online family!

True craziness in all thy members be.

With itching hands we long to post,

Desbreko, James, Korey!

From across the globe,

OtakuBoards, we’ll always return to thee.

Please always be,

for all eternity!

OtakuBoards, we’ll always return to thee.

OtakuBoards, we’ll always return to thee.

What's more, lyrics to the end tune:

#10: It's Been Great

Oh Korey!

It’s been ten weeks

And in those weeks

We’ve had a blast right?

We’ve laughed at-eh with people

We’ve answered questions

We’ve had some guests

Like that woman Beth

She was on twice,

Which I thought was really nice

And all this time we were laughing

Ace and Gome were luvvin!

I’ve been with you

In each show

Every week

Except number eight

And it’s been greeeeeaaaat

It’s been so greaaaaaat

It’s been greeeaaaaat

It’s been so greeeaaaat

It’s been amazing.