OB Podcast #009: Apply 2 da Fo’head

January 7, 2011

Yo homies,

Here's the ninth episode of the OtakuBoards podcast! This week our guests are Sangome and Ace! It was so much fun we actually recorded for like 3 hours! :V

Sadly, only half and hour actually got recorded... But nontheless it's awesome! And hey! It's nothing too long this time! Yay!

Includes: Golden Sun, Commercials, Shin's anime review, Kei's newscast, Chibi's new year's adventures, Gome's new single and a muuuuch more! .. Well not that much.



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Sangome - Still in Love

January 5, 2011

SanGoMoS - Still In Love

A love song. (Mp3 below)

Ace I will love you.

Until the day James says "YOU'RE BANNED".

I can't contain how much I do adore you.


Though you're the Prof now.

It doesn't bother me the least.

Here's my hand in case you have got a ring for it.



But there's no sense talking, why are we still in here?

Why do you not whisper sweeter words in my ear?

I just hope you understand

I'm not wearing underpants

All because I am still in loooooove


I wanna smooch you

Every moment of the day

It's obvious that you want to smooch me too


Hansi von Hozel

Is like the best since bread came sliced

Now I've got an excuse to hear your voice every week



Your laughing makes me feel better than Jade's

Your attempts at jokes sweeter than a milkshake

I wish you would stay right here

So I can pinch you in the rear

All because I'm still in looooooove


Please don't just leave me

I'd like to go out now with you

What is your date of choice, maybe anime?


If I was Kei

I'd say "I'll kill you in the face"

No, Ace not you, but Boo for making this amazing song



Now would you please be my Otaku Groom to be

And will you then go to all the conventions with me?

There is so much we could do

All the time I'd spend with you

But after all I'm still in loooooove


Yes believe me I am still in love

And when we're chatting I am still in love

When you're Von Hozel I am still in love

And when I sing I hope you're still in love

When you're a meanie I am still in love

Still in love,

Still in love!


OB Podcast #007: The Holy Number - HOLIDAY SPECIAL

December 23, 2010

Ho ho ho!

This is the one and only Christmas/Holiday special of the OtakuBoards Podcast! And to celebrate our seventh (7th) episode- eh I mean Christmas and stuff, we tried to keep our own mouths shut as much as possible, and let you guys do the talking/singing/story telling/etcetera!

In short: IT'S MAGICAL. And short.

ENJOY! And Merry Christmas and other such things!

Santa Boo and Elf Korey

OB Podcast #006: The Dude Ranch

December 17, 2010

Yee-ha! Howdy peeps!

Okay, so this week's podcast has an excessive amount of testosteron going on because to join us (BOO and KOREY) we had SHINMARU and SHY co-hosting as well!

The original recording is about 5 hours long, but we managed to edit out all the appropriate parts (2 hours) and the parts where we were solely making fun of others (2 hours) and then replaced some of KOREY's anecdotes with a new weekly NEWS segment by last week's guest-host KEI. And of course Chibi's weekly holiday segment and a LIVE anime review by Shinmaru!


We finally bring you the winners of last year's (2009) Nifty Fifty "of the Year" awards! So listen and see if you're amongst them lucky fellas!

Enjoy, (you will)


OB Podcast #005: The Real Bethybaby

December 10, 2010

Yo gangsters,

The fifth episode is more fantastic than ever because guess what? The real Beth showed up! And a wild Kei appeared as well! They are with us during the entire podcast! Yay!

Also, there's a special Giant Robo anime review by Shinmaru, which on the pocast is only 5 minutes long, but there's an uncut 15 MINUTE version on our soundcloud page found here!


Enjoy and hit us up with more questions over at OtakuBoards!


Your OG Hosts

OB Podcast #004: KoreyeroKorey

December 3, 2010

'Allo everyone!

Here's Episode 004, featuring Boo, Korey and BETH! (SunfallE)

It's an episode with a special Quiz feature part, and of course a whole lot of bunches of fun!


Your adorable hosties,

Korey & Boo

OB Podcast #003: UN Podcast

November 26, 2010

Yo y'all,

Episode 3 is now officially on-line, and it's an international extravaganza! So many people joined together to make this podcast, and due to all of their efforts this podcast  is more amazing than any podcast before it! Can you even imagine that?!

So! Listen to this podcast, about thanksgiving, more Timbaland, Ireland, France, Germany, SInterklaas, the Army, horrible maps, snow and much, MUCH more than that!

Also, follow us on twitter! http://twitter.com/OBPodcast


your fantastically brilliant hosts Korey and Boo

OB Podcast #002: Looking into the Futer

November 19, 2010

First off:

CaNz: 08 Nov 2010 - 08:14 Fantastic job on the podcast Boo! is there any way for me to sign up for a futer production?

Hello and hi and hulloez

It's already time for OB Podcast #002! And to join us this time is not just Chibi, but also Shinmaru! Yay!

This episode we will talk about all sorts of things like Call of Duty: Black Ops, Panty & Stockings with Garterbelt, Edward & Jacob's body odours, futer, Korey's Pokémon legacy, CaNz, CaNz, and a lot more! Special features: This week's holidays told by Chibi-Meistro and an anime review by Shinmaru!

Enjoy! That's an order.

Your lovely lovingly hosts Korey and Boo

UPDATE: Episode 2 is currently unavailable, but we'll make sure you can reach it ASAP.

OB Podcast #001

November 7, 2010

Hey everyone,

This is the first OtakuBoards Podcast to be published ever, so it's a great milestone in internet history!

Brought to you by your hosts Korey and Boo, the Podcast is about anything slightly related to OtakuBoards. It is the very first one, and we have the strong feeling it isn't yet our peeking moment, but we hope you enjoy the show!

If you want to leave a comment or something, you'll probably want to go over to www.otakuboards.com, head into the Lounge and check the OtakuBoards Podcast thread!

Alright, have fun!

Your lovely, charming hosts

UPDATE: The first episode is currently unavailable, but we'll see to getting it online ASAP.