Sangome - Still in Love

January 5, 2011

SanGoMoS - Still In Love

A love song. (Mp3 below)

Ace I will love you.

Until the day James says "YOU'RE BANNED".

I can't contain how much I do adore you.


Though you're the Prof now.

It doesn't bother me the least.

Here's my hand in case you have got a ring for it.



But there's no sense talking, why are we still in here?

Why do you not whisper sweeter words in my ear?

I just hope you understand

I'm not wearing underpants

All because I am still in loooooove


I wanna smooch you

Every moment of the day

It's obvious that you want to smooch me too


Hansi von Hozel

Is like the best since bread came sliced

Now I've got an excuse to hear your voice every week



Your laughing makes me feel better than Jade's

Your attempts at jokes sweeter than a milkshake

I wish you would stay right here

So I can pinch you in the rear

All because I'm still in looooooove


Please don't just leave me

I'd like to go out now with you

What is your date of choice, maybe anime?


If I was Kei

I'd say "I'll kill you in the face"

No, Ace not you, but Boo for making this amazing song



Now would you please be my Otaku Groom to be

And will you then go to all the conventions with me?

There is so much we could do

All the time I'd spend with you

But after all I'm still in loooooove


Yes believe me I am still in love

And when we're chatting I am still in love

When you're Von Hozel I am still in love

And when I sing I hope you're still in love

When you're a meanie I am still in love

Still in love,

Still in love!


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