OB Podcast #019: The Gavin Identity

April 7, 2011

Hey there everyone,

Ladies and gentlemen (but ladies in particular), be prepared to be swept off your feet as the other Gavin steps out of the shades and into the OB Podcast, booming his sexily manly Irish voice through your speakers. Yes indeed, after weeks of pressuring him, he has decided to record part of a podcast with us!

And as if that wasn't enough, Shinmaru reviews another fantastic anime to further overwhelm your senses. Plus, this time we have an entirely new segment by Lyndy Poo Lou, a book review! It's cool, it's hip and the books she reviews are neat!

The podcast puts some emphasis on our amazing Manga Alley, which in the next weeks will have some awesome things going on, going arm in arm with some of the other boards over at the OB. Check the board out if you're any bit interested in manga's (reading or making them yourself), and be sure to check it out a few times over the next weeks.

Also keep a look out for the fantastic Nifty Fifty Podcast coming up in the next few days! ^_~ [/jasonstyle]

Your friendly neighbourhood podcasters,

Korey & Boo


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