OB Podcast #010: Who the MOO Is That?!

January 14, 2011

|Hey guys and girls!

It's time for a new OtakuBoards Podcast episode! Yay! And it's our tenth anniversary! To celebrate this joyous occasion we invited Anomaly and White to represent their hood, yo! (Canada)

There was a lot of cursing/Anomaly involved, but a lot of it got censored by our Super Deluxe Exclusive OB Podcast auto censoring device.

We discuss Bucket Lists and Canada and Girls' Generation and Korean Idols and a lot more awesome stuff! It of course features the news segment by Kei, the anime review by Shinmaru and a fanfic by The Professor. (Chibi has something deathly in her throat which kind of sabotaged her weekly bit)

And we'll witness an even further excelling of Korey's rebellious feelings towards authority James.


Also, we figured OtakuBoards needs an anthem, so here's the text and the tune it goes to: (It'd be like ****ing awesome if somebody sang that for the next episode 8D)


Our online family!

True craziness in all thy members be.

With itching hands we long to post,

Desbreko, James, Korey!

From across the globe,

OtakuBoards, we’ll always return to thee.

Please always be,

for all eternity!

OtakuBoards, we’ll always return to thee.

OtakuBoards, we’ll always return to thee.

What's more, lyrics to the end tune:

#10: It's Been Great

Oh Korey!

It’s been ten weeks

And in those weeks

We’ve had a blast right?

We’ve laughed at-eh with people

We’ve answered questions

We’ve had some guests

Like that woman Beth

She was on twice,

Which I thought was really nice

And all this time we were laughing

Ace and Gome were luvvin!

I’ve been with you

In each show

Every week

Except number eight

And it’s been greeeeeaaaat

It’s been so greaaaaaat

It’s been greeeaaaaat

It’s been so greeeaaaat

It’s been amazing.

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