OB Podcast #006: The Dude Ranch

December 17, 2010

Yee-ha! Howdy peeps!

Okay, so this week's podcast has an excessive amount of testosteron going on because to join us (BOO and KOREY) we had SHINMARU and SHY co-hosting as well!

The original recording is about 5 hours long, but we managed to edit out all the appropriate parts (2 hours) and the parts where we were solely making fun of others (2 hours) and then replaced some of KOREY's anecdotes with a new weekly NEWS segment by last week's guest-host KEI. And of course Chibi's weekly holiday segment and a LIVE anime review by Shinmaru!


We finally bring you the winners of last year's (2009) Nifty Fifty "of the Year" awards! So listen and see if you're amongst them lucky fellas!

Enjoy, (you will)


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